The health and well-being of our customers, crew and staff is our top priority. Since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, we have implemented a number of precautionary measures, which we review daily.

Our absolute focus is on providing a safe and sterile environment for every flight. The following measures are in place:

Aircraft cleaning

Working with Up & Away, the UKs leading aviation detailing company, our aircraft are cleaned after every flight and deep-cleaned on a regular basis.  We use Bacoban For Aerospace, an approved disinfectant for COVID-19, for fogging the cabin. It is effective for 10 calendar days from the date of treatment. So our customers can relax safe in the knowledge that the aircraft has been completely sanitised and is a safe environment. A Disinfection Certificate is provided after every use.

Fogging is the name given to the cabin disinfectant spraying process. A high-grade disinfectant is sprayed onto every surface of the cabin after every flight. The disinfectant is sprayed through a fog machine that aerosolizes it so it can coat the air and all surfaces in the cabin, including the ceiling, seats, trays, floors, lavatories, crew rest areas, and galleys.

Starting at the back of the aircraft, Up & Away trained personnel spray fog in a sweeping action covering the whole aircraft. The internal surfaces of the passenger cabin, galley and cargo hold are sprayed. Once complete, a Certificate of Disinfection is left onboard.
The spraying is followed with a hard wipe. Bacoban solution is used to wipe all hard surfaces down. The internal hard surfaces of the passenger cabin, galley are wiped down with the product where possible.

Our aircraft disinfection treatment is completed with use of an airborne alcohol-free biocidal product (BACOBAN for Aerospace). Following the cabin disinfection, this product will provide continuous disinfection for 10 days. No other product on the market will provide continuous protection in this way. Viruses, bacteria and fungus will be destroyed continuously for this period. Bacoban for Aerospace establishes an ultra-thin nano layer with a lasting effect. Bacoban for Aerospace has been tested for the effective destruction of the following:
•Bacteria: Staphyloccocus aureus, Pseudomanas aeruginosa, Escherichea faecalis etc.
•Viruses: Coronavirus, Hepatitus B and C, HIV, Influenza including H5N1 and H1N1, Rotaviruses, Adenoviruses, Herpes, and many more.

In flight precautions

We have purchased Universal Precaution Kits for our crew, ensuring the highest levels of hygiene in flight. The UPK kits include masks, gloves, eye protection goggles, hand wipes, and PPE suits. We monitor crew travel closely and ask that crew adhere to social distancing guidance at all times. So to minimise the risk of exposure, the avoidance of handshakes between our crew, customers, as well as suppliers, is recommended. Our cabin crew are also provided with face masks and gloves, to be used upon boarding and during the in-flight service, where this is requested by the passengers travelling, or where this is mandatory at departure and arrival airports.

Pre-trip feasibility checks

Our Client Services and Operations teams undertake detailed assessments of each potential flight, before the confirmation of any booking. These checks take into account both regulatory/mandated and advisory operational restrictions, using multiple information sources and external service providers.

Staff awareness

We ensure that all staff, whether on the ground or in the air, remain informed of the evolving situation regarding COVID-19 with relevant and current operational information. In addition we offer recommendations and guidance for staying safe and compliant.

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